What makes us the best?

With years of experience in being the number one Matched Betting service, we know what it takes to make our customers happy and to make them plenty of money. Have a read below to find out what makes us the best.

Most Popular

The worlds most popular service

Since we started in 2014, we've had over 150,000 paying customers. That means we're the worlds first choice for Matched Betting.

Outstanding Tutorials

Outstanding Tutorials

You're here to learn how to make money through Matched Betting, and there's no better place to learn. We pride ourselves on our industry-leading video tutorials, allowing you to literally copy what we do and find out exactly how to exploit all of the best free bets and bonuses and turn them into cash.

We have the most video content of any other Matched Betting service in Australia; with hours of training materials to turn you into an expert; so you know your learning experience with us will be as easy as it can be.

Support Network

Our Support Network

Need help? We've got you covered. We offer full customer support via email, messenger and on our private Facebook group. We're proud to be that accessible to our members and give you direct access to the experts.

The Forum

Facebook Support

We have a free to join public Facebook group here where you can ask us questions and see what the others members are asking also. Then when you become a Platinum member you get full access to our private Facebook group. Whenever you have a question, whenever you need help, or just want a chat, you can always depend on the Facebook groups to get you what you need.

The Oddsmatcher

The Oddsmatcher

The Oddsmatcher is an essential tool for any Matched Bettor, enabling you to quickly and easily compare odds between bookmakers and betting exchanges, essentially doing a lot of the work for you.

We've invested more than $1m in developing this software, giving it powerful, unique features and fast updates. With odds for all matched-betting related bookmakers, sports and markets, on-the-fly odds updates (no need to refresh), powerful filters, and a sleek new design, we're confident it’s the best on the market.

Betfair Integration

Betfair Exchange Integration

We are the only Matched Betting site in Australia to offer on-site Betfair Exchange Integration. This means you can place lay bets directly from our oddsmatcher. It makes the process easier and faster, leaving you more time to do more offers and make more money.

Profit Tracker

When you're placing dozens of bets every day as part of your Matched Betting journey, it's easy to lose track of how much money you're making, and where all of your money is. In the past, Matched Bettors have used awkward spreadsheets to keep track of their finances - but those days are gone.

Our Profit Tracker introduces directly with all of our core software, allowing you to quickly and easily update your profits directly and automatically from our calculator, oddsmatcher and other tools. All of your balances and profits can be easily viewed from your Profit Accumulator account, and can be easily edited manually at the touch of a button. Goodbye Excel, hello Profit Tracker.



Not all Matched Bets require a back and a lay. In some situations, it's possible to place two or more opposing back bets which would still cover all outcomes. For example, if you were to bet on over 1.5 goals scored, you could also bet on under 1.5 goals scored. This type of Matched Betting is called dutching.

As you can probably guess, the Dutching Software finds and matches together opposing back-bets on thousands of sporting events, allowing you to easily place these dutch bets when the situation calls for it.

Extra Calculators

Extra Calculators

All Matched Bettors use a standard back and lay calculator, but there are loads more calculators that you may end up using as you become a matched-betting expert. And of course - we've got more than anyone else.