Matched Betting in Australia – An Introductory Guide

Matched Betting is a simple and efficient way to make money online (tax-free!).

Despite Matched Betting being well-established in the UK for more than a decade it's only just getting going in Australia.

It is an easy to learn technique that allows you to turn bonus bets and similar incentives offered by Australian bookmakers into cash profit that you can then withdraw straight into your bank account.

Unlike gambling, the technique is considered to be risk-free as it does not rely on luck but on simple maths and the ability to cover all possible outcomes of a bet using a special website called a betting exchange.

In this introductory guide we give you the rundown on Matched Betting, answer questions you may have about the technique, and show you how you can get started for free with us – the experts in all things Matched Betting.

We’ve already helped over 150,000 people make thousands of pounds in profit with Matched Betting in the UK and now we’re here to help you guys in Australia too!

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Otherwise, here’s the quick rundown on everything you need to know about Matched Betting in Australia.

What is Matched Betting?

In brief, the technique of Matched Betting tends to involve two basic steps:

The Qualifying Bet and the Bonus (or Free) Bet.

The Qualifying Bet unlocks a bonus bet for us to use at a bookmaker without risking any of our own cash.

The Bonus (or Free) Bet then extracts a cash profit for us from the bonus no matter if the bonus bet wins or loses at the bookmaker.

When you do these two steps properly by following our guides, you ensure that you always profit and never lose.

We never even need to care about the outcome of a sports event as it has no influence at all on the profits that we make.

How it this possible? Let’s look in more detail at how the Matched Betting process actually works.

How does Matched Betting work?

With any normal bet at a bookmaker, the outcome can either happen and the bet win, or not happen and the bet lose.

What would happen though if we did a normal bet at a bookmaker like this but then covered the bet, or bet directly against that same outcome, somewhere else – like, say at a betting exchange?

Well, nothing would happen – because the bets would cancel each other out.

What would be the point of doing this though?

That’s an easy one! The unlock a bonus bet for us to use at a bookmaker without having risked any of our own cash.

Now you can say hello to the Qualifying Bet in Matched Betting! As what we just described above is exactly what the Qualifying Bet is.

We’ve completed the Qualifying Bet and the bookmaker now thinks we’ve placed a normal bet with them and thanks us by giving us a lovely bonus to use.

What do we do now with this bonus?

Basically the exact same thing we just did, but this time using the bonus money from the bookmaker instead of our own cash. By covering the bonus bet, or by betting directly against it at the betting exchange again, we can make sure we extract a cash profit from this bonus bet no matter if it wins or loses at the bookmaker.

And that last step, ladies and gentlemen, was the process for the Bonus (or Free) Bet step in Matched Betting.

With a standard Bonus Bet we tend to extract 75% or more of the overall bonus amount as profit.

This means for every $100 in bonuses we get, we’d expect to make a profit of at least $75, and often more, after completing the process described above.

Bookies in Australia offer their customers the opportunity to get LOADS of bonuses literally every day - especially on horse racing. (As a quick example, just on Saturday 1st August 2020 there were over $4000 in potential bonuses available - just from horse racing. On sport there was at least another $1000!)

Hundreds of dollars of bonuses translates to hundreds of dollars in risk-free, certain cash for anyone Matched Betting.

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Can you do Matched Betting in Australia?

Thanks to Betfair Betting Exchange – which is the only betting exchange currently available in Australia – you can easily do matched betting in Australia now too.

The Betfair Betting Exchange is the online betting website we use in Matched Betting to cover, or bet against, our bets at the bookmakers. We literally can’t do Matched Betting without it.

Every time we do a bet for something to happen at a bookmaker we do the bet against that same thing happening at Betfair Betting Exchange. In Matched Betting terminology this against bet at the exchange is called a lay bet.

If you don’t cover the bookmaker bet at the betting exchange then you are gambling pure and simple...which brings us on to the question literally everyone ALWAYS asks about Matched Betting...

Is Matched Betting in Australia gambling?

We have to repeat ourselves here – as long as you follow our guides and cover your bets at the bookmakers using Betfair Betting Exchange, then no, it’s not gambling.

Gambling involves luck, chance and risk.

These are all things Matched Betting avoids by always making sure both sides of a bet are covered.

To emphasize further why Matched Betting is not gambling, have you ever seen a gambler who doesn’t care about what happens in a game or race, or whether their bet wins or loses? Nope, never – because this kind of gambler doesn’t exist!

Anyone Matched Betting on the other-hand literally couldn’t give two hoots.

If the bet loses at the bookmaker it wins at the betting exchange and vice versa. Our profit either ends up in the bookmaker or it ends up at the betting exchange. Either way we can always withdraw our profits straight to our bank account whenever we want.

Is Matched Betting legal in Australia?

Matched betting is completely legal in Australia.

If you think about it, all Matched Betting is, is placing bets at online bookmakers and betting exchanges – that’s all.

Thousands of gamblers are doing this every day in Australia – we’re just doing the same thing, but in a smart way!

Of course bookmakers would prefer you to just use your bonuses is the usual way – punting them and hoping. There’s nothing illegal though about not using bonuses like this and betting strategically with them instead.

As we mentioned before, Matched Betting has been done in the UK for more than 10 years now and even featured in major media outlets there such as The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Huffington Post. One of our own members, who’s also a nurse, even featured in the Daily Mail, where she explained how she made an extra £200 (~$360) a week doing Matched Betting with us. In 3 years she made over £30,000 - and all to the side of doing her nursing degree too!


How much money can you make Matched Betting in Australia?

By completing the signup offers you can expect to make around $1000. After the signup offers, when you continue with existing customer (reload) offers, you can expect to earn anything up to $1000 a month and sometimes more.

How much you can earn from Matched Betting is heavily dependent on how much time you have free each week to do it. The more time you have the more money you can make.

If you only have 2-3 hours a week you can easily make a few hundred dollars extra each month. That’s a substantial amount of extra cash to have each month for investing so little time.

Here’s an example of just what’s possible with Matched Betting part-time from a member based in the UK.


In our UK Matched Betting Forum we have profit clubs which act as targets or milestones for our members to aim for. These profit clubs range from £1K to £100K and beyond.

We believe these profits to be very achievable for our members in Australia too - especially because you get loads, and we mean LOADS, more bonuses from bookmakers than our members do in the UK.

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Can you do Matched Betting full-time in Australia?

Although some of our members in the UK have made Matched Betting their full-time ‘job’, the vast majority of our member’s there view it as a way to boost their normal income and make some extra cash on the side for relatively little work. We ourselves recommend viewing Matched Betting as a side income strategy.

Is Matched Betting taxable in Australia?

Unlike most other side hustles in Australia profits from Matched Betting are completely tax-free! This means all the profits you make are completely yours and you can withdraw them to your bank account from the bookmakers and Betfair Exchange at anytime.

In Australia, just as in the UK, the bookmakers and betting exchanges, or similar entities who take bets from customers, are the only ones responsible for paying tax in relation to gambling. More information can be found at the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

How much time does Matched Betting take?

Learning Matched Betting, although made easy with our guides, does take a little time.

Once you get the hang of it though it becomes very quick to do.

The first time you do an offer it will probably take you anywhere between 20-45 minutes to complete. As you complete each signup offer though you will just get quicker and quicker until you’re doing each offer easily in less than 5-10 minutes.

This is why many of our experienced members are making the profits they do as they simply find half an hour spare in their day and just blast out a few offers and make their cash in minutes.

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How does Matched Betting in Australia differ to Matched Betting in the UK?

Apart from Matched Betting being considered as a relatively new way to make money from home in Australia, the only significant difference is in the availability of bookmaker signup, or welcome, bonuses.

In the UK bookmakers are freely able to offer new customers signup offers and bonuses, in Australia it varies by state and territory:


  • In Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, ACT and the Northern Territory there are no restrictions on signup offers and the bookmakers can advertise signup offers openly.


  • In New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia there are restrictions on signup offers and the bookmakers cannot advertise signup offers openly. They can however give you them if you ask for them – which can be done with a simple email or message to customer services.

The only other difference of note is that bookies in Australia tend to offer bigger and better offers to their customers. Frequently they offer $50 and $100 bonuses. In the UK bonuses tend to be between £5-£20.

Aussie bookmakers also offer these large bonuses pretty much on a daily basis. In the UK it's much less frequent.

This is certainly something to bare in mind if you're sitting on the fence about starting Matched Betting in Australia. You can see what many of our UK members are making each month on our UK site here. Now consider the profits they'd be making if they had the kind of bonuses available you do in Australia?

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